Probably the most popular types of archery are Target archery and Field archery

Field Archery

Field archery commonly takes place in a woodland setting and involves shooting at targets along a course laid throughout a wood. Unlike target archery, each target in field archery varies in distance, elevation and size. This makes field archery a much-varied experience as even different times of the year can greatly alter a course. There are many different types of shooting classes in field archery as well as different scoring systems. Commonly field archers shoot at images of animals or circular targets. Field archery is the archery we do at Cloth of Gold.

Field archery is enjoyed along-side nature and NEVER involves harming or shooting at real animals.

Target Archery

Target archery is quite the opposite to field archery. In target archery, the archer would normally stand a set distance away and shoot at one target. The targets are coloured rings (seen left) and points are scored based on the colour hit. 10 points are scored for the innermost yellow ring and each ring moving outwards decreases by 1 point. After either 3 or 6 arrows have been shot, a total score is added based on the score of each arrow.