At our open shoot on 8th May, we will have a table with archery items for sale. So if you have any archery items you wish to sell you are welcome to bring them along on the day.

The course and the practice butts at Cloth of Gold will be shut on Monday 25th April 2022 for two weeks, this is so that a new course can be relayed for the open shoot on the 8th May, there is a lot of work to be done if it gets finished before the two weeks are up we will let you know, sorry for any inconvenience but you will have a new course to shoot afterwards.

Cloth of Gold is holding an Introduction to Field Archery on Sunday 22nd of May 2022, if you know of anyone who would like to have a go, they must be an experienced archer with affiliation to the EFAA, GANS or another archer association.  All the information you need is below. 

An open invitation to all Archers (target or otherwise) to take part in our field shoot.

We are holding this day for those who do not normally take part in field archery, but we also welcome other experienced field archers from clubs other than NFAS.

There will 20 x 3D targets, double pegged. The “A” pegs are shot first then the second round is shot from the “B” pegs. A full explanation of this and scoring will be given prior to the start.

The course is designed so that you have the opportunity for a tea break at regular intervals.

The start time is 10 am sharp, the finish will depend on how many attend but you are free to leave whenever it is safe to do so.

Participants take part in groups of no more than 5 which includes one Cloth of Gold member.

There are many deep ponds in the wood and we use these to make the shoot more challenging but it does mean that there are steps and slopes to be navigated and is therefore not suitable for anyone who has difficulty walking.

The cost for the day is £10 which includes tea/ coffee etc. (Juniors/Cubs £5)

We ask that anyone wishing to come lets us know in advance so we can manage refreshments and estimate club members needed.

No Broadheads or Bodkins.

Bring some lunch and sturdy shoes/boots.

To book a place please email or for further information call our club chairman Lawrence Wiles on 07814014991

If a member of your club is organising a group then you only need to advise them of your intention to attend.

We are located at Stable Wood, Red Lion Lane, Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire HP2 6EZ